Thursday, August 20, 2015

Soo much fun!

If you want to do something ,
you want to do it!

 So I gathered my art supplies and put myself through an 
online tutorial. With my i-pad next to me
and a cup of coffee I got started.
In between I got up, paused the video and dried 
the paint with my hairdryer.

I cannot remember when last I had so much fun!

What really helped me a lot was the baby wipes and the paper
towels. These are two very handy tools.

Today I feel a little bit of a tiredness creeping up on me.
It is Friday, and a lot of things are happening at the moment.

My niece is moving, she is eight months pregnant.
My mother in law is going back after a visit.
I am helping to organize our 40th Grade 12 reunion.
It is caterers, decorations, gifts, drinks, finances and more.

I have a class tomorrow and I need to get the studio 
cleaned up for the class, but it will be wonderful to see
everyone again!

Looking forward to create more of these pages...!
Have a good weekend.

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