Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Paint, stencil and scribble.

I am having fun with a few new techniques and these are the results.

As always, first a layer of gesso. Let it dry.
Then I used my water mister to wet the paper.
The next step is to put paint directly onto the paper and then spread
the paint. Big strokes and don't overwork the paint.
If the paint is too dry, spray some more water to let it flow.
When the paint is dry, do some stenciling and stamping.

For the next page I took a different approach.
I first painted the background and then did some stamping and stenciling.
Because I painted over the pink and orange the colours changed a bit.
For the black grunginess I used my Stabilo All pencil.

On these two pages I more or less followed the same 
order. Gesso, news paper print tissue paper, painted circles, stenciling,
low lights, high lights, stamping and doodling.
Last of all the white circles with my bottle cap.

Here I did not do the white paint bottle cap thing, 
but I did the black paint splattering thing.

I like all of these pages, because I enjoyed myself
experimenting with the different techniques!

Keep on experimenting!

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