Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Working with inks and stencils in my Art journal

I chose red and purple and a little bit
of blue for these two pages,
but remember...
anything goes!

Craft sheet
Water spray bottle
Distress ink pads
Applicator tool
Distress Spray Stains
Texture paste
Baby wipes
Archival ink pad
Micron pen
paint brush

Ink up your craft sheet with the distress inks
by tapping the ink pad on the craft sheet.
Don't overlap your colours
because you will contaminate you ink pads.
Spray the paper you will be using 
and the craft sheet with a little bit of water mist. 
Put the paper face down onto the ink on the craft sheet.
Move the paper around and when you are satisfied with 
effect let it dry.
If you are not happy with the flow of the colours, spray the
paper so that the colours can run.

Spray the paper with a bit of Distress Spray Stain 
to highlight some areas.

Use the distress ink pad and an applicator tool to apply the ink 
over your stencil and onto your paper. 
Always use circular movements to get a better effect.

Texture Paste:
Use washi tape to secure the paper and the stencil.
Spread a small amount of texture paste over the
stencil. Lift the stencil carefully and let the texture paste dry.
You can use the applicator tool to colour the 
texture paste areas.
Now your pages are ready to journal the
words of wisdom that comes to you.
If nothing comes to you... stamp something that has meaning to you.
Colour create and have fun!

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