Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Dummy Fairy

 I got a call from my niece this morning.
Her little three year old decided it was time 
for the fairies to come and collect her dummy and... 
could I please make a Fairy ?!

I had to make her in a few hours.
Drying time included.

 Pinterest  came to my rescue!
I started off with bendable wire and some paper napkins.

I peeled off the back of the napkins and tore it in to strips.
I then used gel medium and a paint brush to 
'mummify' the wire shape. 

You really put the strips on like bandages.

Now I have skipped a few steps, but this is the final
product, with a little crown, two layers of 
petticoats and a top layer of the original paper napkin.

For the story to hold water with a three year old....
the baby fairies now needs the dummy and 
that's why it will never come back.

For the link and a great tutorial go to:

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