Friday, June 26, 2015

Postcards to Colour

 A friend of mine will be out of action for a few weeks.
She is very crafty and she does a lot of quilting and embroidering, 
but she also does paper craft.
So to keep her mind occupied while her body needs healing
a few friends decided to give her something that she can do 
when she feels up to it and to keep the creativity going.
I have no clue what the others are planning but this is my contribution.

She was the one who started the Postcard thing a while ago, 
just before the Post Office went on a huge strike.
She made Postcards for her friends and posted them.
We waited months, but we knew something was in the post and
then the joy of seeing your name, handwritten on the front of a 
letter or Postcard, it is always exciting and special.

I used this Penny Black stamp and black Archival ink 
to do the stamping on the white paper.
 I then cut a 12" x 12" piece of double sided paper in to 6 pieces. 4" x 6" each.

I made sure that when I cut the paper that this image was left intact.

 Then it was time to stamp an image that could be coloured in
and paste it on the back of the postcard.
(which is the front and which is the back?)

Here I used stickers, cutouts and rub-ons to decorate the postcards.
If the paper you are using is not sturdy enough, use two layers 
and glue them together.

On the very first photo, you can see a 
black and white image peeping out to the right hand side. 
That is a Primamarketing Paintable Paper that I cut up into Postcard 
sizes. Paper from my stash that I've had for years.
The image on the paper was printed on watercolour paper
so I just stamped the Postcard stamp on the front and the back
has this beautiful image that is ready to colour.
All you need now is your Aquarelle colouring pencils and a water-pen.

I will make sure that she has everyone's addresses
and some stamps before giving her my gift.

Enjoy the weekend and stay warm!

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