Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The real Grey Ladder

Welcome to the new blog!
These are quick photos of the ladder.
Maybe I should take a photo at night when the lights 
are burning...

I played around on Picasa to get some kind of effect to 
show off the ladder a little bit better. My studio is very busy
and to get a good shot of the ladder can be tricky.

This ladder was made by my grandpa over 90 years ago.
They lived on the farm Rosendal in Stellenbosch. He farmed
with fruit and grapes and vegetables and they lived in a  
beautiful farm house.
He obviously had to make a plan to stabilize the ladder 
and the ladder was painted a few colours over the years. 

This is what the farm house look like today.

When my grandfather passed away, my dad "inherited" 
the ladder. My dad is now 89 and the ladder was put into storage for quite 
a few years. So when we built my studio I took the ladder out of storage and 
hanged it from the roof in my studio.

So there you go...

The Grey Ladder 

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