Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Grey Ladder Studio will be hosting a Weekend Event consisting of three Workshops.

Crepe paper wreath
Funky painted canvas tote
 Constructing an Art journal

These are three different crafts and you will be learning new techniques during each workshop.

The event starts on Saturday morning at 09:00 and ends
Sunday at 13:00

On the Food menu:
Coffee, tea, muffins and rusks.
Cupcakes, juice, lunch, snacks, and a sun downer.
Farewell cake and tea.

On the Craft menu:
Creating a crepe paper wreath.
Painting a blank canvas tote or a paintbrush roll.
Constructing a ten page art journal with front and back cover.

Lucinda from Luna Artistry will be hosting the three hour crepe paper wreath workshop. You will receive all the materials to complete the project.

I will host the next workshop, the funky painted tote or the painted paintbrush roll. Here you have a choice between the two, the same materials and techniques will be used for both. The tote will hold all your craft supplies for a workshop and the paintbrush roll will hold all your
pens and brushes for an art journal workshop.

The last workshop for the weekend will be all about how to construct your own art journal. Creating backgrounds, layering your pages and creating a cover for the journal. You will also be writing, stamping and stenciling in your journal! It is a lot, but we cover all the basics.

For this workshop I need you to bring a few supplies:
Kitchen paper towel
Baby wipes
Small water spray bottle
Old credit or gift card
Stabilo All black pencil
Permanent pen black and white
Water paint brush

The cost for this weekend event is R1740.00
If you need to stay overnight there are a few comfortable guest houses close by, I will email you all the info on request.

Save the date, grab a friend and book your space.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you have about our weekend event.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Butterflies for my mom

My mom is turning 90 on Wednesday and the family 
had lunch together yesterday to celebrate her birthday.

I decorated the tables, made a salad and supplied the champagne.
 My older sister made a cake
and the younger sister brought a huge amount of food.
( She is the one with the kids and the grand kids )

Each plate was decorated with colorful serviettes and
paper butterflies.

For Oumie as we call her, things 
can be overwhelming at times.
She is hard of hearing and has Alzheimer's. 
Oumie had a busy life. But she is still going strong.

When it was time for dessert, Oumie and Marocé
worked well together to decorate her cake.

Then it was time to cuddle the latest member of the family
The cutest little boy, now 4 month old.

Happy birthday Oumie,
may you have a year filled with Love.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sharpie Pen Roll

These products go together like cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice...
( I am thinking pancakes...)

Liquid paint
Sharpie pens

A very long time ago I bought a huge roll of raw canvas. 
It has been turned into 
aprons, messenger bags, pencil cases, 
shopping totes, and now pen or paint brush rolls.

I did this project for the Creative Hobbies Magazine, Issue 15.
The step by step tutorial tells you in detail what to do.

 The pigments in the Dala Sun Paints are amazing.
Look at the colours!
So paint and play with your designs on the canvas.

Just remember that wet paint mix.

Stencil and write on the design. Use your 
Sharpie Fabric markers to highlight or accentuate certain areas. 

 Use your black and white for the high lights and the low lights.

Fill up your pen roll!
And start making the next one...