Monday, January 11, 2016

Butterflies for my mom

My mom is turning 90 on Wednesday and the family 
had lunch together yesterday to celebrate her birthday.

I decorated the tables, made a salad and supplied the champagne.
 My older sister made a cake
and the younger sister brought a huge amount of food.
( She is the one with the kids and the grand kids )

Each plate was decorated with colorful serviettes and
paper butterflies.

For Oumie as we call her, things 
can be overwhelming at times.
She is hard of hearing and has Alzheimer's. 
Oumie had a busy life. But she is still going strong.

When it was time for dessert, Oumie and Marocé
worked well together to decorate her cake.

Then it was time to cuddle the latest member of the family
The cutest little boy, now 4 month old.

Happy birthday Oumie,
may you have a year filled with Love.

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