Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sharpie Pen Roll

These products go together like cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice...
( I am thinking pancakes...)

Liquid paint
Sharpie pens

A very long time ago I bought a huge roll of raw canvas. 
It has been turned into 
aprons, messenger bags, pencil cases, 
shopping totes, and now pen or paint brush rolls.

I did this project for the Creative Hobbies Magazine, Issue 15.
The step by step tutorial tells you in detail what to do.

 The pigments in the Dala Sun Paints are amazing.
Look at the colours!
So paint and play with your designs on the canvas.

Just remember that wet paint mix.

Stencil and write on the design. Use your 
Sharpie Fabric markers to highlight or accentuate certain areas. 

 Use your black and white for the high lights and the low lights.

Fill up your pen roll!
And start making the next one...

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