Tuesday, May 10, 2016

An Art Journal from scratch

The concept of art journaling can get lost during a session where
you want to teach a lot of techniques.
I hope that this wasn't the case during this session.
I started off by explaining how to set up your working station with
the baby wipes and the paper towels, the bakers paper and the craft sheet to mix your paint.
  This way it is much easier to work.
After putting down the gesso on the pages, I showed the girls a technique and then
they had a chance experiment and try it on their own.
We did two more techniques and then it was time for the front cover.
Take time to arrange the petals and it will look stunning.
Remember to doodle and make random marks on your petals.
All the doodling and mark making must still be done on these pages.
Then if you want to, you can also journal, or write down a quote.
Journal around the petals, down the stem of the plant.
Any where you feel like.
If you know a few techniques, try them until they work for you.
and remember it is about the process.

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