Friday, March 18, 2016

Flower lights for my studio

So much fun.
After my Lilly was dressed up in a crepe paper outfit for Hobby-x,
it inspired me to refit my studio lights with LED bulbs and
turn them into flowers!
 Lilly looked stunning and was a showstopper at Luna artistry's
stand. She is not back yet but you can have a look at photos of her:
The Photos are also in her Instagram.
 So when it is a grey rainy day outside, the studio looks colourful and happy.
 This is a peonies I made. I still can't believe
how stunning the paper is to work with.
If you don't know who Lilly is, here she is 
with an apron we made and decorated,
and here she is with a beautiful neckpiece Lizette has made for an
article in the Creative Hobbies.

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